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Aquaplus has been developing water treatment systems for over 10 years, which has fostered a greater understanding of the importance of being able to provide affordable and reliable water treatment systems for use in emergency response. In 2004 the Disaster Management unit was set up, which focuses significantly on research and development. The ethos of Aquaplus is to produce rigorously tested and affordable treatment systems that can be made available to any NGO or organisation. This is achieved through our extensive research and development programme and Aquaplus’s ethical pricing policy.

As an organisation we work closely with partners, such as Oxfam GB, RedR India, and the renowned research institute the Centre for Environmental Health Engineering at the University of Surrey UK to design and test water treatment systems that are appropriate for use in emergency response
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AquaPlus Water Purifiers (Pvt) Ltd, 2-B Swapnali Apts, Opp Sangam Press, Karishma Rd, Pune 411038, Maharashtra, India, Telephone +91 9420482945 Contact Rahul Pathak